Main Components of Transmission Tower

The main supporting of the high voltage transmission line is transmission tower.The components of transmission line got own respective electrical and mechanical characteristic.Transmission tower is consist of the following components.

  1. Cage of Transmission Tower
  2. Boom of Transmission Tower
  3. Body of Tower
  4. Cross Arm of of Transmission Tower
  5. Peak of of Transmission Tower
The Cage 

The area between tower body and peak is known as the cage of the Transmission Tower.The main vertical section of any transmission tower is named as cage. Normally cross section of cage take square shape and the shape is also depend on the height of the transmission line.


Boom is a rectangular beam of the cross section in middle tapered in the end section  and part of a horizontal configuration tower. Normally boom is connect to lower body to support mechanically to the power conductors.

Body of Tower

Tower body is the main part of the tower which connects the boom and the cage to tower foundation on body extension or the leg extension. The shape of the body is square type and tower body consist two columns which connected ate the end of the foundations.

Cross Arm

Cross Arm is one of the key component of transmission line and it holds the power conductor.Cross arm can vary due to the location and power carried by the transmission line. Number of cross arms depend on the number of circuits consist in Transmission Line.

The Peak

The Peak of transmission tower is mainly used for lay ground wire in suspension clamp and tension clamp in suspension and angle tower locations. Peak is a portion of the above vertical configuration of top cross arm. We can simply say that Peak is the section above the boom  in case of the horizontal section of tower. The peak height depend on the specific angle of shield and clearance of mid span.

Cross Arm and Tower Body of high voltage transmission line

 Peak and Cage of high voltage transmission line

Apart form those main component of transmission line there are so many sub sections which comprised the above mentioned section for example Cross section also comprise the conductors, insulators and dampers.


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