Power Transmission Tower Types Based on their Constructional Features

Power Transmission TowerIn electrical power generations,power transmission tower are got vital roles and the most seen items of the electrical industry . Today we are going to discuss and classify electrical power transmission tower based on they physical construction appearances. The types of electrical towers based on their constructional features, which are in use on the power transmission lines are shown in bellow.

  1. Self-Supporting Towers
  2. Conventional Guyed Towers
  3. Chainette Guyed Towers

Following are some more important relevant information of the power transmission tower type which based on their constructional and physical appearances.

Self-Supporting power transmission tower

Self supporting towers are some what narrow based steel tower and these type of power transmission tower are common in power transmission line industry. From the beginning of electrical power transmission line industry, these types of towers are used.

Self supporting towers are fabricated using mid steel materials which combination of high quality mid steel and high tensile steel materials.

These type of self-supporting power transmission tower are use for heavy deviation angles towers and also for long span crossing towers.

Footing of self supporting towers is normally square or rectangular based separated for tower footings. In compact tower line designing these self supporting towers is use widely. Compact tower may comprise fabricated steel body, cage and ground wire peak, fitted with insulated cross-arms.

For required right of ways compact towers are normally reduced their required dimensions. In Urban congested areas these types of compact towers are widely used.

Conventional Guyed Towers

Conventional Guyed Towers are consist portal type structures which is fabricated different shapes such as Y shapes and V Shapes. Normally These types of transmission line towers can use up to higher voltage levels also.

Guy can be installing in internal or external ways. Compare with Self – Supporting towers, conventional guyed towers takes larger area of land.  Compact type guyed towers are also use for compact lines also.

The electrical phases can be placed in different configurations and are insulated from the supports.

Chainette guyed towers

Chainette guyed towers are also famous as cross rope suspensions towers in electrical power line industry. This tower also consist two mast of each which are use to support two guys and ropes which connected to the tops of two masts and supports of the insulator string and conductor bundles in horizontal formations.

For angle types of towers, there are three separate and narrow base towers are used. To carry one set of bundle conductor or can use self -supporting towers.

Each narrow base masts are use to supported with support of two main guys at Chainette guyed towers. Chainette guyed towers use for suspension and angle type locations in Power Transmission Line Industry.

Power Transmission Tower Lines

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