Types of Instrument Transformers in Electrical Engineering

Instrument transformersInstrument transformers are other type of transformers which is mainly use for measuring purposes.  To Measure high voltages and high currents these kind of instrument transformers are widely used.Ammeters and Voltmeters are use for measure the voltage and currents of Direct Current but in High voltage alternative Current instruments are difficult to measure by using ammeters and voltmeters.  So to solve these problems instrument transformers are use to measure these kinds of large alternative currents and voltages.Normally Instrument Transformers can divide in to two sections such as Current Transformers and Potential Transformers.

Current Transformers (Instrument Transformers)

Current transformers are mainly use to measure the huge alternative current in electrical equipments.

In Some high voltage lines where measuring equipments are difficult to connect, these type of current transformers are use with other ammeters to measure the current under alternative current circuits.

To measure the current of high voltage line this current transformer step town the current level in to known ratio.

Normally the current transformer is connected to the line with series connection.

In current transformer the number of turns of coils in secondary is greater primary.

When the primary to secondary current ration of current transformer is 200: 10 then its steps up the voltage 20 times. Clip on type current transformers are the most use current transformers in electrical industry.

Potential Transformer

Potential transformers are extremely accurate and normally the type of these potential transformers is falls under step down transformer category.

All potential transformers are generally falls under the shell-type transformer and it’s not much different from the ordinary two winding transformers which discussed.

Secondary of potential transformers are normally completely instead to protect against the high voltage. Potential transformer is connect to line on parrael way.

High voltage primary of potential transformer also should be grounded for additional protection for the operator of the potential transformer.

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    It’s interesting that current transformers are used to measure currents under alternative circuits. My son is studying electrical engineering, and he needs one for a project. He says he needs a solid core current transformer, so I should probably make sure he gets the right one in case it affects the measurements.


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