Comprehensive Guide To DC Motor Windings Types and Its Features

Types of Direct Current MotorsConstruction of DC motor windings is also same as other kinds of electrical motors. These DC motors got stator which stationary part consists field windings. The rotor which is the rotating part of the motor which consist armature windings.  In here we are the plan to discuss the most important DC motor windings types which use in electrical motor industry. These windings are mainly classified according to the dc motor windings in the armature.

Armature DC Motor Windings

Lap Windings

The two coils end of a coil which connects to two adjacent commutator segment is known as simplex lap winding.  There are several types of other lap windings are available such as Duplex lap windings and triplex lap windings

Wave Windings 

Wave winding is consisted number of parallel paths between the armature conductors. In here parallel paths between conductors always equal to the irrespective to the number of poles in DC motors.

Concentrated Winding of DC Motor 

Apart of field windings are armature windings there are special types of windings are used for different applications. If all the winding turns are wound together in series form one multiple turn coil , these type of windings is called as concentrate type windings in DC motor. Examples for concentrate type windings are

  • Transformer windings on primary and secondary
  • DC machine winding
  • DC field windings of synchronous machines

Distributed Winding of DC Motor 

All the winding turns are arranged in several full pitched or fractional pitched type coils. These coils are cover in the slots spread around the air gap periphery to form the commutator winding. Examples for distributed windings are.

  • Induction Motor stator and rotor windings
  • Armature winding of synchronous motors
  • Armature windings of DC motors.

DC Motor Windings

Layer type windings

Apart from this winding configuration this layer type of dc motors are additional winding types. Layer types windings can further classify into Single layer windings and double layer windings.

Single layer windings–  When the windings are designed that one coil side occupy the total slots area then these type of windings are known as single layer windings.

Double layer windings – If a slot contains the even number of coil sides in two layers is known as double layer windings.


The Field type dc motor windings are also wound with a differnt number of turns to increase the leakage flux of the dc motor. the flux leakage between the armature winding and field winding is also directly proportional to the torque of DC motor. Hope that you have gain some good knowledge regarding the type of DC Motor windings.

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