Explanation of induction motor equivalent circuit diagram 

induction motor equivalent circuitWithout a doubt, induction motors are the most used type of motors in the electrical industry. We have already discussed several pieces of information regarding this induction motors in our previous articles. Today we are going to discuss the induction motor equivalent circuit which is one of the important feature to analysis the performance of the motor.

induction motor equivalent circuit diagram


If we consider about solving problems or finding necessary parameters its is very important to analysis this induction motor equivalent circuit.The left-hand side is considered as stator side and right-hand side considers as rotor side of the induction motor.

Per Phase equivalent

Per phase equivalent circuit is given for the phase winding. the winding then serves either star connection or delta connection according to the identity the per phase equivalent circuit voltage and current.

r1 – Stator resistance per phase

r2 – Rotor resistance per phase

rc – Core Loss resistance per phase

XmMagnetizing reactance per phase

X1Stator leakage reactance per phase

X2 – Rotor leakage reactance per phase

Vs – Stator voltage or supply voltage per phase

Is – Stator current or supply current per phase

I0 – No load current per phase

I1 – Torque producing component of stator current per phase

I2 – Rotor current per phase

E1 – Stator internal emf per phase

E2 – Rotor emf at stand still

n1: n2 – The effective turns ratio within the stator and rotor



Simplified Equivalent Circuit Parameters 


The mentioned induction motor equivalent circuit can also simplify into several forms. So this can get simplified into with referring rotor side parameters and stator side parameters. The simplified equivalent circuit with referring to stator or rotor side will eliminate one node of the circuit diagram. So its much easier to find out necessary parameters.


How to calculate the induction motor performance


By using the shown equivalent circuit model of induction motor we can determine several important motor parameter such as

  • Motor current
  • Motor Power
  • motor torque

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