What is Corona Effect in Transmission Line ?

corona effect in transmission lineCorona effect in transmission line is one of the significant lossest in electrical power system.  Sometimes you may have witness that high voltage transmission lines often get a buzzing sounds. The reason for this buzzing sound is corona effect. Corona effect happens due to the ionization of the air around the high voltage power lines. Air surrounded power line also relatively insulated too large of an electric field and it can pull the electron from the atoms, making the air conductive.

Due to the potentially substantial power loss this corona effect can be minimized by increasing the cross section area of the cables of the transmission line. In addition, the voltage of the power lines normally kept below the predetermined voltage level.

When the voltage are above this value , the electric field is so large that corona discharge loss surpasses the resistive loss of the lines themselves. Any way normally the transmission line get 2% to 4% power loss.

Impacts on  corona effect in transmission line

  • Corona effect produce unwanted buzzing noise in the transmission line.
  • This can also affect to electromagnetic interference to the nearby telecommunication.
  • The corona effect can also damage the line insulation
  • Power loss is one of the main disadvantage of this corona effect

Environment Facts That Increase the effect of Corona

Following envirionment conditions and facts increase the effect of corona in transmission line

  • Low preasue conditions (Hilly terains)
  • High temperature areas
  • Places where are heavy rain
  • Snow areas

Advantages of corona effect

Even in transmission line the corona effect generate unwanted losses , there are some industries use corona effect as advantages.

  • Some industries use to remove unwanted volatile organics from atmosphere by using this effect.
  • Scrubbing particles form and air in air condition systems.
  • Pool water sanitation
  • Ozone manufacturing
  • Air ionizer

Disadvantages of corona effect

  • Corona is also accompanin by energy loss in power system.
  • This effect produce ozone which lead corrosion of the conductor.
  • Voltage dorp can occure in transmission line.

Apart from hearing this also can visible in high voltage transmission line where the voltage level is higher. When alternating current is made to flow on the conductor of a transmission line , the spacing is large compare to the diameter then the air surrounding the line are subject to the electrical space.

When the voltage of electrical transmission line get increase the corona effect also get increase. Wet and humid atmospheric condition increase the corona activities.


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