Comprehensive Guide on Electrical Power Transformer

electrical power transformerElectrical power transformer is one of the most valuable equipment if we consider about the electrical power industry. It’s stationary equipment which got no moving or rotational part inside of it. The main function of transformer is to step up or step down the voltage levels in the same frequency level. According the step up and step down the level of voltage the current of the circuit can also increase or decrease.

There are two circuits available in this equipment which named as primary circuit and secondary circuit (two inductive coils). The main theory behind the Transformer is the mutual induction of mentioned two circuits which connected by common magnetic flux.

As we mentioned earlier the frequency does not change even the levels of voltage and current changes due to the electromagnetic induction.

The main feature of transformer is to transfer electrical power one circuit to another with voltage and current variations. These transformers are essential on electrical Transmission and distribution network under power systems and there are so many types of transformers are use for so many different purposes in electrical engineering.

Construction of Electrical Power Transformer

The core of transformer is constructed by use of the lamination steel sheets with small air gap. These lamination core help to transfer the magnetic flux of one circuit to another very effective way.

According to the construction, transformer can classified in to two sections such as

  • Core type transformer
  • Shell type transformer

On core type of transformers winding are surrounded by the majority part of the core and in Shell type of transformers the core surrounded by the majority part of the transformer.

Most of high voltage transformers are constructing using the shell type construction of transformers.

Transformer Classification According to Cooling Method

According the type of cooling use for eliminate the heat of transformers, these transformers can also classified. Following are three basic types of transformer classifications by use of cooling of the transformers

  • air blast type transformers
  • Oil filled water cooled transformers
  • Oil filled self cooled transformers.

Most of oil filled transformers are use in outdoor type purposes. It’s essential to check the statues of transformer oil regularly.

Compare with other electrical equipments the efficiency of electrical power transformer is really high. In large scale power generation of electrical power normally used three phase transformers.

In practical situations there are losses occurs of this equipments but in theoretical idea transformers we considers all the losses of transformers are zero. We will discuss more about the types of transformer losses in practical situation in a separate article.

Power transformers are very popular in electrical engineering industry and we are planning to discuss more regarding these power transformers in near future.

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