electrical fault analysis

Assumptions to Made on Electrical Fault Analysis Study

There are several assumptions to made before we do electrical fault analysis study on a electrical system.Power systems are inherently dynamic which are subjected to constant voltage and current variations and therefore to maintain the stability of the system and also to choose appropriate switch gears and settings for the relays, we need to know the worst case scenarios. Fault Study comes in handy for that purpose.Following are some of the assumptions which take in to account while...

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High Voltage Circuit Breaker

Types of High Voltage Circuit Breaker in Substation

Electrical power transmission networks are protected and controlled by High Voltage Circuit Breaker inside electrical grid substaion. In substations the protection relay scheme can be complex, protecting equipment and busses from various types of overload or ground/earth fault. Electrical protection should be provided against the following abnormal conditions:overloading (excessive currents not due to faults) transformer faults short-circuit faults between phases short-circuit faults to...

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Electrical Faults

Common Electrical Faults Types In Electrical Engineering

Having Idea on electrical faults is essential while studying on electrical engineering. If we can able to identify and understand the type of faults can occur it’s really easy to minimize the hazards of these faults and reduce to risk of it.three common electrical faults mainly can occur areShort Circuit Electrical Faults, Open Circuit Faults ¬†Overload Circuit faultsFollowing are some brief details of these kind of faults under electrical industry. Short-Circuit¬†Electrical FaultsA...

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