Liquefied Natural Gas

Top Features of Liquefied Natural Gas Power Generation

Liquefied Natural Gas is one of the medium which widely use for power generation in modern day due to its unique benefits over other power generations medium. Natural Gas is compress and cooled to get liquefaction and these liquid forms of Natural gas are known as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is also gaining its popularity rapidly due to so many unique features and benefits not only in electrical power generation, transport industry too. The main purpose of...

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LNG Power Plant

Advantage of LNG Power Plant Over Coal Power Plant

In most countries LNG Power Plant use to implement as an alternative of coal power plant because of the advantage of LNG as fuel. Coal has been identifying one of the cheapest power generation medium all over the world for so many years.  But coal also associated with serious environmental problems the environment problems associate with this coal and its emissions can create long-term environment problems. So most of the countries now identified the related problems and now they are consider...

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