Sag in Transmission Lines

What is the Sag in Transmission Lines and How to Calculate it ( Application of Sag Template)

The Sag in Transmission Lines is applied to the ground profile by moving the same horizontally while always ensuring that the vertical axis or centerline is held vertical.  The sag of high voltage transmission line can simply define as the difference between one level point of and the lowest point of the conductor. The Structure Positions are marked where the tower footing curve cuts the ground profile, while the ground clearance curve is just clear and above the ground profile. The ground...

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Lightning Performance

Lightning Performance of an Overhead Transmission Line

  The Lightning Performance of an overhead transmission line is frequently little changed by upgrading the line voltage. However, upgrading of transmission line should be accompanied by an analysis of the lightning performance of transmission line with respect to shielding failures for lines and or back flashovers. For transmission lines with existing overhead earth wires, it must be ensured that increase in cross arm length or displacement of conductor away from the tower body is followed...

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sag template

What is Sag Template of Electrical Power Transmission Line?

A sag template is specifically design for transmission line according to their voltage levels. According the voltage levels and the conductor used there are specific design conditions are used.Sag Template is a very important feature for the surveyor by the help of which the position of tower can be decided on the Survey Chart so as to conform to the limitations of specified minimum ground clearance required to be maintained as per prevailing national rules, between the line conductor to ground...

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High Voltage Transpostion

What is Transposition of Transmission Line and Features of It

The basic definition for transposition of transmission line is to rotate the conductors which result in the conductor or a phase being moved to next physical location in a regular sequence. In electrical power transmission lines, the conductor arranges unequal space. So the voltage drops are not same as one place to another. To eliminate this effect can simply do by interchange the conductor position which is known as transposition.  When the transmission line is more than 100 km long, then...

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advantages of dc motor

7 Advantages of DC Motor Over Induction Motors in Electrical Engineering

In electrical power industry more than 70% of the motors are used for applications are induction motors.There are so many different advantages of dc motor over conventional ac motors . So this motors are far popular but there are some certain applications where these type of motors which unable use. For that location and application DC motors and some other motors are use. DC motors are used for so many different kind of applications in electrical engineering. If we more consider about the DC...

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induction motor equivalent circuit

Explanation of induction motor equivalent circuit diagram 

Without a doubt, induction motors are the most used type of motors in the electrical industry. We have already discussed several pieces of information regarding this induction motors in our previous articles. Today we are going to discuss the induction motor equivalent circuit which is one of the important feature to analysis the performance of the motor.induction motor equivalent circuit diagram   If we consider about solving problems or finding necessary parameters its is very...

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Single Phase Induction Motor Working Principle

Compleate Guide to Single Phase Induction Motor Operating Principle

Single phase induction motors are widely used in small-scale domestic and commercial applications. There are relatively simple in construction.  Today we are going to discuss the Single Phase Induction Motor Operating Principle and its features. Stator construction of the single phase induction motor consist of a single winding disposed of in slots. The rotor construction is same as of squirrel cage type laminated and with axially spaced parallel aluminum or copper conductor bars laid in the...

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