Characteristics and Applications of Different Types of DC Motor

Types of DC MotorDC motors are use for lots of applications in the field of electrical engineering industry and modern day to day applications. As we explained in our previous articles there are four main types of DC motors available in the industry which famously known as Separately excited Dc motors, Dc shunt motor , DC Series motors and DC Compound motors.  In here we are plan to only discuss the characteristic and the application of each type of DC motors separately.

1. Separately Excited DC Motors

Characteristics of Separately Excited DC Motors

  • Separately excited Dc motors got very accurate speed
  • These type of motors are much suitable for applications which need speed variation from low speed to higher speed.

Applications of Separately Excited DC Motors

  • Paper Machines
  • Rolling Units
  • Electric Populations of Ships

2. Shunt DC Motors

Dc shunt motor is the parallel combination of armature winding is connect with dc power supply. The resistance of shunt type of winding is great than the armature wingdings.

Characteristic of Shunt DC Motors

  • Shunt motors are normally got constant speed.
  • The starting torque of this motor is medium which is limited to nearly 200% by commutation.
  • Speed control of shunt motor done by decreasing armature voltage control

Applications of Shunt DC Motors

Shunt Motors are normally used for constant speed applications such as followings

  • Lathe Machines
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Reciprocating Pumps
  • Printing machines
  • Wood working machines
  • Centrifugal pumps

Normally speed regulation of shunt dc motors is normally 10% to 15%. The speed control raged by field control 6:1

3. DC Series Motors

Characteristics of DC Series Motors

Unlike DC Shunt Motors this DC Series motors got variable speed. and the starting torque of this dc motor is quite high. Normally it can high up to 500%. speed regulation is widely variable at no load. This DC series motor speed control done by using series resistance method. In Dc series motors its essential to connect the load positively.

Applications of DC Series Motors

DC series motors are much suitable for applications which require high starting torque and variable speed applications. Following are some several applications of DC series motors.

  • Electrical Cranes
  • Trolley Cars
  • Conveyors Belt Drives
  • Electric locomotives

4. Compound DC Motors

DC Compound motors can mainly classify as Cumulative compound wound motors and Differential compound wound motors.  

Characteristic of Cumulative compound wound motors

Normally these type of DC motor is god for adjustable varying speed. The speed regulation is varying 25%-30%. The starting torque of this dc motor is also high like DC series Motors.

Characteristic of  Differential compound wound motors

Torque and Speed of this Differential compound wound motors are almost constant. This motor also got the tendency toward speed instability with a possible motor running away.

Application of Compound DC Motors

DC compound motors are much suitable for places where need higher starting torque on the constant speed. The applications of DC Compound motors are as following.

  • Electrical Elevators
  • Conveyor Belt Drive
  • Heavy Planes
  • Rolling Mills
  • Punches
  • Shears

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