7 Advantages of DC Motor Over Induction Motors in Electrical Engineering

advantages of dc motorIn electrical power industry more than 70% of the motors are used for applications are induction motors.There are so many different advantages of dc motor over conventional ac motors . So this motors are far popular but there are some certain applications where these type of motors which unable use. For that location and application DC motors and some other motors are use. DC motors are used for so many different kind of applications in electrical engineering. If we more consider about the DC motors it got so many unique features and advantages over other types of motors. 

Top 7 Advantages of DC Motor


  1. DC motor got higher Starting Torque is the best  advantages of dc motor 

due to this higher starting torque these DC motors are widely used for applications such as electrical traction. It s also use to deal with heavy load under starting conditions such as electrical cranes and locomotives. There are several types of DC motors available in electrical industry . For these kind of higher starting torque applications DC series motors are widely use.

  1. Ability to control speed over wide range.

Unlike other type of electrical motors , DC motors got the capability to speed control the above and the bellow range of rated speed. So this can control the speed over wider range. For this type of speed controlling purposes DC Shunt electrical motors are widely use.


  1. No Harmonic effect

If we consider about the induction motors , one of the main disadvantage is the effect of harmonic in the motor and this is a loss also. Since DC motors does not generate any harmonics this motor can eliminate the harmonic problem of the motor.


  1. Ability to Quickly Control the Motors.

If we consider about other motors it’s quite difficult to control fast and accurately. DC motors solves this problem and for applications where need immediate start , reverse and stopping we can use this DC motors for better performances.


  1. Dc motor are best for low-cost operation.

Compare to with inverter duty induction motors and drives , DC motors proves effective performance with less const and maintenance.


  1. Less electronics and Rectification Needs

Compare with AC inverter drive motor this DC motor required less electronic and rectification on power electronic based circuit. and this motor can also directly fed from different types of power source.


  1. Better Speed regulation.

DC motors are much popular due to its better speed regulations compare with ac motors. For higher specific speed controlling required its better to use DC motor for precise uses.

Hope that you have get some good understanding about the advantages of DC motor over ac motors. We are plan to discuss more regarding other important article about DC motors in future.


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