Types of Direct Current Motors Your Should Get Know

Types of Direct Current MotorsThere are several types of direct current motors which widely use in electrical engineering industry as industrial motors. Normally electrical motor is a device which convert electrical power in to mechanical power. Fleming’s left hand rule (F=BIl) is the fundamental theory of any electrical motor.

The main purpose of the armature winding of the DC motor is to carry the DC current into motor. This supply is apply through carbon brushes on the special arrangement of the motor called commutator.   

DC motors and DC generator are same by considering its construction features. DC motor can also work as DC generators in some of the situations.

This types of direct current motors  can mainly classified such as,

  • Separately Excited DC Motors
  • Permanent Magnet DC motors
  • Self Excited DC Motors


Separately Excited types of direct current motors

The Main two windings of any Direct current motors are Field winding and Armature Winding. In this separately excited dc motors power supply deliver into those two windings in separately . Due to separate power supply the armature current does not flow into field winding.


Permanent Magnet types of direct current motors

In permanent magnet direct current motor the field winding construction is not included in the motor. Construction of this motor type is include permanent magnets which radially magnetized.


Self Excited DC Motors

Self excited dc motors are the most famous type of direct current motor which use in electrical industires. From above three main types of DC motors Self Excited DC Motors can further classified into three such as following based in their winding construction.

  • Shunt-wound DC Motors
  • Series-wound DC Motors
  • Compound Wound DC Motors

Shunt wound types of direct current motors

In shunt wound  the field winding connected parallel to the armature winding of the motor. Normally these type of motors got great speed regulations. Normally in Shunt wound dc motors are constructed with large number of turns in windings due to that the resistant value get high so there are small current take into armature.

Series Wound DC Motors

In this series wound types of direct current motors the field winding is connected in series with the armature winding.  Normally Series direct current motors develop large starting torque.  

Compound Wound DC Motors

In this self excited type DC motors the field winding of this motor connect in Series, parallel or partially parallel to armature winding construction.

Compound Wound Dc motors are further sub divide into two sections such as

  • Cumulative Compound Wound DC Motor
  • Differential Compound Wound DC Motors.

according the arrangement type of these compound wound motor it can also sub divided into

  • Short shunt DC Motor
  • Long Shunt DC Motors

In Short Shunt DC Motor , the shunt winding is parallel to armature winding. In Long Shunt DC Motors the shunt winding is parallel to armature winding and field windings.
Hope that you have some good understanding on the main classifications of the Direct Current Motors in electrical engineering . In future we are plan to discuss more on these DC motors.

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