Power Factor explained

What is Power Factor explained in Electrical Engineering

Power Factor explained in the engineering is one of the famous words which mentioned in electrical engineering. Today we are going to discuss more about the power factor and the details of it.In electrical engineering power factor is the cosine angle in between current and the voltage in alternative current circuit.So all the effects of power factor is only matters in alternative current equipment’s not in direct current devices. What is Power Factor and How Its Got Effect In Alternative...

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Microprocessor Based System

What is A Microprocessor Based System and what can do from it

Microprocessor Based System is one of the great technological inventions in recent time. Microprocessor is multipurpose, programmable equipment that accepts digital signals as the input source and processes it according to instructions stored in Microprocessor’s memory, and provides results as output.The MicropIn present so many electronic systems are much based on the development of micro controller and microprocessors . Microprocessor Based System are normally connected on a PCB device...

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Comprehensive Guide to Main Types of Electrical Fuse

A Electrical Fuse is a safety device to preventing overloading and short-circuiting a current circuit.It consists of a short length of conducting metal, which melts at certain heat and thereby breaks the circuit. The fuse wire melts at comparatively low temperature.The simple principle of protection by fuse is that whenever some excessive current flows or a short circuit occurs, the fuse wire gets heated and melts resulting in breaking the circuit.   The fuse must be included on phase...

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Types of Circuit Breakers Used in House Wiring

There are Main Types of Circuit Breakers  which widely used in House Wiring  and these domestic Electrical Circuit Breakers provide essential protection to house from electrical hazards can be occurs.It is essential to use domestic circuit breakers to get protected from electrical overloads and under abnormal conditions.The most widely used electrical circuit breakers for domestic electrical connections are Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) ,Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)...

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Electrical Contactor

Guide to Electrical Contactor and Relays

Electrical Contactor and Electrical relays are widely used for the electrical controlling circuits. Main purposes of these electrical controlling circuits are control larger electrical device such as motors, generators ect. An Electrical contractor is an electro-magnetic switching device used for remotely switching a power or control circuit.When a relay is used to switch a large amount of electrical power through its contacts, it is designated by a special name called as contactor. Type of...

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