Distribution Power Line

Guide to Distribution Power Line Characteristics

Conductors of overhead transmission and Distribution Power Line typically consist of aluminum, which is lightweight and relatively inexpensive, and are often reinforced with steel for strength.Stranded cable is often used, which, as the name suggests, is twisted from many individual strands. At the same diameter or gauge, stranded cable is much easier to bend and manipulate.For underground lines, cables with insulation are use. Here heat dissipation is more of an issue, whereas weight is...

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Overhead Distribution Lines

How Mechanical Design Overhead Distribution Lines

The successful operation of an Overhead Distribution Lines  and Transmission Lines and this also depends to a the way of mechanically design part of the over head lines. An over headline may be used to transmit or distribute electric power. While constructing an Overhead Distribution Lines, it should be ensured that mechanic strength of the line is such so as to provide against the most probable weather conditions. In general the main component of an overhead line are: Conductors: which carry...

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Types of Underground Power Cable Used In Industry

Normally underground power cable contain one or more conductor which covered with insulation which covered by protection insulation cover also.Most of underground cables are use for electric power distribution  purposes under urban areas. But recent development of the cable industry made possible for transmit more high voltage levels so now these underground cables can also use for power transmission also.Normally in transmission system underground cables are use for short...

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