3 Phase AC Induction Motor

3 Phase AC Induction Motor Working Principle and Operation

Without doubt 3 phase AC induction motor is the most commonly use electrical machine in the industry. The main advantages of induction motors are . They are easier to maintain , cheaper and got rugged construction. Normally induction motor has two main parts which are stator and rotor.Stator is stationary part of the motor and the rotor is the rotating part of this motor. Construction of 3 Phase AC Induction Motor Stator part of this motor is create by highly permeable steel lamination...

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Induction Motor Speed Control

Different Types of Induction Motor Speed Control Methods

Induction motor speed control is very important in the industry. Three Phase Induction motors are one of the most commonly used motor type in electrical engineering industry. Since induction motors speed is constant it’s difficult to control the speed of this type of motor. In induction motors the speed controlling is also affected by the efficiency of this motor.  So there are different types of speed controlling method are used to control these induction motors. These speed controlling...

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induction motor equivalent circuit

Explanation of induction motor equivalent circuit diagram 

Without a doubt, induction motors are the most used type of motors in the electrical industry. We have already discussed several pieces of information regarding this induction motors in our previous articles. Today we are going to discuss the induction motor equivalent circuit which is one of the important feature to analysis the performance of the motor.induction motor equivalent circuit diagram   If we consider about solving problems or finding necessary parameters its is very...

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Single Phase Induction Motor Working Principle

Compleate Guide to Single Phase Induction Motor Operating Principle

Single phase induction motors are widely used in small-scale domestic and commercial applications. There are relatively simple in construction.  Today we are going to discuss the Single Phase Induction Motor Operating Principle and its features. Stator construction of the single phase induction motor consist of a single winding disposed of in slots. The rotor construction is same as of squirrel cage type laminated and with axially spaced parallel aluminum or copper conductor bars laid in the...

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