Instrument transformers
Instrument transformers are other type of transformers which is mainly use for measuring purposes.  To Measure high voltages and high currents these kind of instrument transformers are widely used.Ammeters and Voltmeters are use for measure the voltage and currents of Direct Current but in High voltage alternative Current instruments are […]

Types of Instrument Transformers in Electrical Engineering

Liquefied Natural Gas
Liquefied Natural Gas is one of the medium which widely use for power generation in modern day due to its unique benefits over other power generations medium. Natural Gas is compress and cooled to get liquefaction and these liquid forms of Natural gas are known as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). […]

Top Features of Liquefied Natural Gas Power Generation

LNG Power Plant
In most countries LNG Power Plant use to implement as an alternative of coal power plant because of the advantage of LNG as fuel. Coal has been identifying one of the cheapest power generation medium all over the world for so many years.  But coal also associated with serious environmental problems […]

Advantage of LNG Power Plant Over Coal Power Plant

transmission tower height
The transmission tower height is also important factors to consider while design of transmission lines. There are several factors taken in to consideration while deciding and creating tower height of electrical power lines. Following are those factors which taken in to considerations. Minimum ground clearance Maximum Sag of Conductor Length […]

6 Factors Affects to Determine Transmission Tower Height

The main factor of any electrical power transmission line is transmission tower. The Main parameters of high voltage transmission lines are mainly depend on voltage level.  There are different types of towers use for electrical power transmission lines. The major types of Transmission towers can categorize as bellow. 1. Suspension Tower […]

High Voltage Transmission Tower Types in Power Industry

Most common model of transmission line system is for terminal model .Construction of Transmission line is very hard and sophisticated method . Major concern take on safety side while constructing and operating transmission lines. 10-30% of overall cost for construct transmission tower is take to form the foundation of power […]

Power Transmission Line Tower Foundations

electrical fault analysis
There are several assumptions to made before we do electrical fault analysis study on a electrical system.Power systems are inherently dynamic which are subjected to constant voltage and current variations and therefore to maintain the stability of the system and also to choose appropriate switch gears and settings for the […]

Assumptions to Made on Electrical Fault Analysis Study

electrical transmission lines
Electrical transmission lines is normally applied on various types of loads. The loads are affecting to the transmission line and conductor do main role under power line design stage. There are specific formulas to calculate these loads applied in to transmission lines and towers. It’s very necessary to calculate the […]

4 Types of Loading on Electrical Transmission Lines