Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant
The Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant  is a clean technology an the green house gas and other pollutant emission can very negligible in this generation method. However initial construction of Pumped Storage Hydro Power plant will have an impact of existing environment. In carrying the peak-loads of  a system, pumped storage […]

Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant

Hydro Electrical Power Station
Hydro Electrical Power Station is the type of power station which uses the potential energy of water resource to convert in to kinetic energy and then convert this kinetic energy in to electrical energy by using equipments. Normally most of hydro electrical power stations located on hilly terrain. Because it’s […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydro Electrical Power Stations

    There are so many different ways to occur electrical motor faults while on working condition of the motor and following are some simple methods of fault identifications.  Every electric motor has operating limits so Overshooting these limits will eventually destroy it and the systems it drives, the immediate effect […]

Different Types of Electrical Motor Faults Can Occures

Overhead Distribution Lines
The successful operation of an Overhead Distribution Lines  and Transmission Lines and this also depends to a the way of mechanically design part of the over head lines. An over headline may be used to transmit or distribute electric power. While constructing an Overhead Distribution Lines, it should be ensured that […]

How Mechanical Design Overhead Distribution Lines

The Electrical Motor Rewinding Process  it is very important to consider the maximum temperature at which the machine has been design to work. This temperature determines that the insulation class of the machine. For rewinding, copper conductors with enamel coating are commonly used. The type of insulator coating depending on the […]

Comprehensive Guide to Electrical Motor Rewinding Process

Electrical Faults
Having Idea on electrical faults is essential while studying on electrical engineering. If we can able to identify and understand the type of faults can occur it’s really easy to minimize the hazards of these faults and reduce to risk of it.three common electrical faults mainly can occur are Short […]

Common Electrical Faults Types In Electrical Engineering

Induction Machines
An Induction Machines is a device using electrical energy to produce mechanical energy Electric energy —-> mechanical energy There are several type of Motors available on industry and today we are going to discuss on AC Machines and follwoing are types of ac machines. There are so many advantages and disadvantages of Alternative […]

Advantages And Disadvantages of Induction Machines

Power Factor explained
Power Factor explained in the engineering is one of the famous words which mentioned in electrical engineering. Today we are going to discuss more about the power factor and the details of it.In electrical engineering power factor is the cosine angle in between current and the voltage in alternative current circuit.So […]

What is Power Factor explained in Electrical Engineering