AC to DC Converters

What is AC to DC Converters and Different Types of Converters

AC to DC Converters are one of the most important in power electronics because there are lot of real applications are based on this conversions. The AC current to dc current conversion process is known as rectification. This rectifier converts AC supply into the DC supply at load end connection. Normally Transformers are used to adjust the AC source to get step down transformer to reduce the voltage level to have better operation range for DC supply. Normally this AC to DC converter converts...

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Types of Direct Current Motors

Comprehensive Guide To DC Motor Windings Types and Its Features

Construction of DC motor windings is also same as other kinds of electrical motors. These DC motors got stator which stationary part consists field windings. The rotor which is the rotating part of the motor which consist armature windings.  In here we are the plan to discuss the most important DC motor windings types which use in electrical motor industry. These windings are mainly classified according to the dc motor windings in the armature.Armature DC Motor Windings Lap Windings The two...

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ways to conserve energy

14 Ways To Conserve Energy At Your Home

Using differnty ways to conserve energy  is the proper way to reduce the cost for your electricity bill. Nowadays we are much depending on Energy due to so many reasons. You can implement usage of energy by using proper energy efficiency plan to your home. Most of our household and other appliance is working by use of electricity so we have to consider saving energy and using them by maximum efficiency. In hear I have show some tips and Using differnty ways to conserve energy  is the...

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Instrument transformers

Types of Instrument Transformers in Electrical Engineering

Instrument transformers are other type of transformers which is mainly use for measuring purposes.  To Measure high voltages and high currents these kind of instrument transformers are widely used.Ammeters and Voltmeters are use for measure the voltage and currents of Direct Current but in High voltage alternative Current instruments are difficult to measure by using ammeters and voltmeters.  So to solve these problems instrument transformers are use to measure these kinds of large...

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Top Features of Liquefied Natural Gas Power Generation

Liquefied Natural Gas is one of the medium which widely use for power generation in modern day due to its unique benefits over other power generations medium. Natural Gas is compress and cooled to get liquefaction and these liquid forms of Natural gas are known as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is also gaining its popularity rapidly due to so many unique features and benefits not only in electrical power generation, transport industry too. The main purpose of...

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LNG Power Plant

Advantage of LNG Power Plant Over Coal Power Plant

In most countries LNG Power Plant use to implement as an alternative of coal power plant because of the advantage of LNG as fuel. Coal has been identifying one of the cheapest power generation medium all over the world for so many years.  But coal also associated with serious environmental problems the environment problems associate with this coal and its emissions can create long-term environment problems. So most of the countries now identified the related problems and now they are consider...

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transmission tower height

6 Factors Affects to Determine Transmission Tower Height

The transmission tower height is also important factors to consider while design of transmission lines. There are several factors taken in to consideration while deciding and creating tower height of electrical power lines. Following are those factors which taken in to considerations.Minimum ground clearance Maximum Sag of Conductor Length of Suspension Insulators Vertical space between conductors Ground Wire Location Angle of ShieldFollowing are some comprehensive details of the mentioned...

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