10 advantages of thyristor switch over mechanical switch

Thyristor_switchThyristors can briefly describe as silicon controlled rectifier. This thyristor got the switching ability and there are separate thyristor switching circuits available for control large load devices. Normally mechanical switches are traditionally use to control the large load equipment. But introduction of Thryristor switching most of traditional mechanical switches were replaced by thyristor based switches. There is a proven method which thyristors switches are far better than the mechanical switches. In here we are a plan to discuss several advantages of thyristor switch over mechanical switches.


  1. Take less time to operate

Normally thyristor switches take a less time span compare to the operation because it does not contain any moving parts, so compare with the typical mechanical switch, thyristors switch capability o f operating speed is far higher.


  1. Thyristor use very less power

Mechanical switches generate heat due to its resistance of the internal coil and this also causes the some power losses. So the thyristors do not have any internal coils so there is very few power consumed by the thyristors when compared with a mechanical switch. thyristor contain the ability to control larger power by very less amount of current ( sometimes few micro amperes to milli amperes)


  1. Thyristors can apply a large switching frequency

Compare to mechanical switches, thyristor switches got the capacity to operate with large frequency. So there are some applications which is necessary the larger frequency the thyristor based switches perform better than the mechanical switches.


  1. Power handling capacity of the Thyristors is good

Thyristors are small in size but compare with the size the power handling capacity is far better than the mechanical switch. When mechanical switches are performed less power handling capacity of the thyristors.


  1. Electrical safety of the thyristor switches is better than Mechanical Switch

Mechanical switches contain a lot of mechanical parts when higher current apply in to mechanical switches it produces an arc which is also very harmful to the system. But the thyristors controlled switch can handle larger current without generating arc like mechanical switch does. So thyristor controlled switches are provided safety for the system.


  1. Thyristor switches can use where great control is necessary

advantages of thyristor switch operation is based on the electrical voltage and controlling of the operation is far easy compared to the mechanical switches. so it is very easy to use for where sophisticated controlling is required.


  1. Easy to obtain the transfer function.

The mechanical switches normally do not have any such data sheet or characteristics to obtain any transfer functions of the device. But the thyristor based operation contains manufacturers data sheet so it is really easy to the obtain transfer function of the device.


  1. Thyristor based switches not having any maintained

Normally the operation and the maintenance of the mechanical switch contain rust removing and applying lubrication. But thyristor does not contain such hard maintenance like the mechanical switch does. So the maintenance cost of the thyristor is less.


  1. Thyristor switches can apply for robust operations.

The thyristor switch operation is robust so it can operate for longer period with minimum error possibility. So thyristor operations are much reliable compare to mechanical based switches.


  1. Due to less space requirement, the design process is really easy

Thyristor based switch required much less space compared to mechanical switch. so this would be a one of the major advantage when designing the compact circuits in power systems.

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