Types of Conductors use for Transmission Line

In over head power transmission lines suspend by towers and in this type of situation the bare conductor on the transmission line is generally made out by using Aluminium materials. There are various types of conductors which are use transmission line. The most common conductors which use transmission line are Aluminum Alloy Conductors. There are various types of sub conductors which use for Aluminum Alloy Conductors are AAAC-HS, AACSR, ABB and ACAR. These types of conductors are use for transmission line for all over the world over four decades. Normally high voltage transmission line varying form 66kV To 400kV voltage levels. AAC and ACSR are the most common type of conductors which use in transmission line.

AAAC-HS and AAAC_HS type Conductors

The conductor of AAAC-HS consist the heat treatable Aluminium Alloy wire.elongation for this wire is more than 4% and conducting of AAAC-HS wire is normally higher than 52.5%. AA 6201 wire are the most commonly used wire in AAAC-HS type Transmission line conductor. AAAC- HC are also much Like AAAC-HS conductors and UTS of this conductor is varying between 20-26 kg/mm2 and elongation is vary between 2% to 4% .unlike AAAC-HS ,AAAC- HC  conductivity is little bit higher which is 56% to 59%.

 ACAR ( Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced)

Aluminium Alloy conductor got great mechanical strength and overall electrical conductivity of the ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced) conductivity is between 56% to 60%.

AACSR (Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced)

Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced (AACSR) conductor consist the high mechanical strength high tensile galvanized steel core covered with Aluminum alloy wires. This type of conductors can use for any rough mechanical circumstances.

ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) Conductors

Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) Conductors consist more than seven Aluminum and steel conductors. Center of the conductors comprised galvanized steel and outer layers of the galvanized steel comprise Aluminum conductors. These types of conductors are much use for long spans of transmission lines because these lines got high tensile strength.

Bundle Conductors

Bundle conductors are widely use for transmission line and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Bundle conductor is a conductor which consist several conductor cable which connected. Bundle conductors also will help to increase the current carried in the transmission line. The main disadvantage of Transmission line is its having high wind load compare to other conductors.


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