What is A Microprocessor Based System and what can do from it

Microprocessor Based SystemMicroprocessor Based System is one of the great technological inventions in recent time. Microprocessor is multipurpose, programmable equipment that accepts digital signals as the input source and processes it according to instructions stored in Microprocessor’s memory, and provides results as output.The MicropIn present so many electronic systems are much based on the development of micro controller and microprocessors .

Microprocessor Based System are normally connected on a PCB device which comprising a microprocessor CPU together with a number of support chips.Microprocessor Based System was introduced by Intel cooperation of America, and this device contains 2300 transistors into single chip, which fabricated by using MOS technology.

Applications of Microprocessor Based System

This type of microprocessor used various types of applications such as.

  • Pocket Calculators
  • Consumer Products
  • Laboratory equipment’s
  • Games and Toys
  • Control systems

Microprocessor’s are the most advanced technology in Modern digital electronic system. The major application of Microprocessor is used on computers.

After so many improvements and developments, there are much faster and powerful Microprocessor Based System available in the present. There are so many inputs and outputs devices can be connected into this device.

Input devices of Microprocessor Based System

  • Switches
  • Sensors
  • Convertors
  • Keybord
  • Mouse

Output Devices of Microprocessor Based System

  • Alarm
  • Lamps
  • Printer
  • Indicator
  • CRT/LCD/LED display

The ideal Microprocessor consists of large no of input and output pins to connect those devices so these pins are normally referred as the data bus. Number of lines in the data bus’s known as bus width. The number of bits which can process at the certain time is known as word size. This is also very important to measure the power of Microprocessor.

Component of Microprocessor Based System

Normally, micro processor consists with following components.

  • Data bus.
  • Controll bus
  • Address bus
  • Programme Counter
  • Arithmetic and Logic Unit
  • Registers
  • Clock device

The basic operation of a Microprocessor is the input components provide data an instruction to Microprocessor, which subsequently stored in the memory unit and those data are processed by Arithmetic and Logic unit so the result is sent to other output nit.

The recent development of microprocessor technology is incredible and there are so many electrical and electronic inventions created by using of these simple forms of chips.

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