Compleate Guide To Brushless Direct Current Motors

Brushless Direct Current Motors brushless direct current motors are use to produce large torque over vast speed range. These motors are normally consider as highly effective motor in electrical engineering industry. Commutation of this type of direct current motor happen electronically. Since there are no brushes and electronic commutations these motors got great flexibility and great operation. This motor also got great torque holding capability even the motor is under stationary condition. The working operation of brushless motor and brush motor are same.

Why Brushless Direct Current Motors Are Use?

The main problemof burshed direct current motor is , it causes sparking over a time period.In some high hazzard zones these sparking can cause serious problems.  

Due to the wear of brush motors , it’s alway require to repair and maintain these type of motor which is difficult.  As a solution for this problem this brushless motor introduce to overcome the traditional problems associate with conventional DC motors.

Types of Brushless DC Motors

Like other direct current motors brushless direct current motors are also got two main parts. The stationary part which famously known as stator and the rotating part known as rotor.

According the to construction of the motor the there are motors can get subdivide. There are two main types of brushless dc motors available in the electrical motor industry and those are

  • Inner rotor design brushless DC motors
  • Outer rotor design brushless DC motors

Inner rotor design brushless DC motor

In this type of brushless motor the rotor part of the motor is locate center part of the motor . The stator part is surround by the rotor part.

In Inner rotor design brushless DC motor. Stator part is covered with the rotor which fixed to the motor.

due to the constructional benefit this electrical motor also got great heat dissipation ability which is vital for the performance of this motor.

Outer Rotor Design Brushless DC Motors

in this type of outer rotor design brushless dc motor surrounded by the winding which located in the core of the motor.

In this kind of motor the rotor magnets are covered with stator windings. So this rotor magnets perform as insulator which use to get decrease the heat dissipation of this Brushless DC motor.


Advantages of Brushless Direct current motors compare with conventional direct current motors.

Brushless Direct Current motor slove out lot of problems which brushed dc motors got.So following are several advantages of burshless dc motors got.

  • Brushless DC motor can operate and run at higher speed.
  • Loading and unloading is possible under higher speed conditions.
  • Since there are no brushes to wear and tear the lifetime of the motor is quite high compare with brushed direct current motors.
  • Motor got great reliability and less repairs.  

Due to the unique features of this special motor it’s now widely use in so many new applications and inventiones. In this article we have discussed several main features of brushless direct current motors . We are also plan to create more article reagarding this direct current motors in near future. 

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