How to Manage Right of Way in Power Transmission Line


The Right of Way in transmission line defined as land set two path of the center of transmission line.  Right of Way also name as transmission corridor and this corridor maintain from private or government authorities who do the maintenance works.  Safety is one of the essential factor of transmission line and ROW provide necessary landscape arrangement.   There are several voltage levels of the lines maintained and the width of transmission line corridor (ROW) changes due to the voltage levels.
For example, 132kV transmission line Right of Way shall nearly 30m which means 15m either side from the center of 132kV transmission lines
For higher voltages transmission line the width or transmission line get increased to maintain proper safety clearance.  Normally trees which grow higher will cut for example in generally trees which higher than 3m will cut to maintain proper ROW under transmission line and trees or plant can grow below 3m,  The condition and clearance height may different from country to country.
ROW in one of the major consideration while creating transmission line.  Since most of transmission line traverse overhead most of vegetation affect  for transmission line corridor and social and environmental study is very necessary while design of transmission lines.
Environmental and social impacts of transmission lines are much less compare to other major developments but in some cases there transmission line corridor do major impacts in environmental sensitive areas.
Following are most commonly used ROW parameters for transmission lines
ROW width for 132kV transmission line                                         =          27m
ROW width for 220kV transmission line                                         =          35m
ROW width for 400kV transmission line                                         =          53m
ROW width for 765kV transmission line                                         =          85m
However the maintenance of proper Right of Way (ROW) in Electrical power transmission lines is very important factor in transmission line by considering maintenance and safety factor. Following are some photographs of several ROW in Power transmission lines in different locations.


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