Basic Guide To Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Its Operation

Photovoltaic Solar PanelsSolar panels are made out out of photovoltaic solar panels cells and this panels are now got greate demand.  The sun is the most important energy source of all the energy used on the earth. The earth get lots of great energy from the sun . For example the solar energy get one hour is more enough to the total energy usage of entire population in the world in whole year. In this article we are plan to discuss several basic features of Solar Power energy produciton. 

What Solar Panels are Made of?

The meaning of PV is P for Photo which means light and V for Voltaic is means by the production of electricity . This photovoltaic technology is use to create electricity by using solar power.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels cells

Photovoltaic (PV) cells got two layers of semiconductors which is charge layer and charged layer.
 When the light of the sun shine on this PV cell the electric field across the junction between the two layer of the semiconductor.
This operation causes electricity to flow. When the light intensity is much higher the flow of electricity is also higher.
The efficiency of the solar pv cells are now becomer more and more efficinet. In 1953 the efficiency of the solar cell is 4.5% and now it got great increase up to the efficiency of 23.5 %. 

Type of PV Panels Awailable in Market

There are so many types of PV panels are available in market. Recent technology development introduced PV tiles . This solare which the roofing tile which contain PV installation. Simply those solar tile can install into domestic easily. The working principle of this solar tile are really simple one.

The Working Principal of Solar PV panels

The solar light hits into the solar panels convert into clean electricity. Unlike other electrical power generation method there are no moving part . So the operation of this solar power is pretty much silent one.

The electricity power generated through this solar panels are direct current (DC) . But by installing a inverter this DC power can convert into alternating current (AC).

You can also synchronise this solar power into the main electricity supply of your home. There are specific meters which are use to record this solar energy .

By using these methodsyou can get measure how much solar power consumed at your home. There are option that the excess solar power can deliver into the main electrical supplier . From that you can also earn some decent income too.

The amount of the solar power which you received is also depend on the location of your area. The energy which can generate one square meter is different one place to another.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels system are one of the most simple and practical way to get energy is building with clean energy. from this method you can also get more sustainable future. 


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