Types of Transmission Tower Bracing

Bracing s are use to interconnect the legs of transmission lines and framing angel of bracing and main leg of transmission towers should not exceed more than 15 degrees.Members of transmission towers are designed to compression and tension loads. Following are various patterns were use for bracing in Transmission towers.

Portal System
Pratt System
Diamond Bracing
Double web system
Warren system
Single web system
Multiple Bracing

Single web Bracing System

In this single web bracing system the struts designed in compress and diagonal of in tension .This bracing system got narrow base and these types of bracing are much use in 66kV transmission line.Single web bracing system consist diagonal and struts of an all diagonals of transmission tower and this bracing system is widely use for narrow based transmission towers.

Warren System

Warren bracing System is widely use for both large and small towers. In warren bracing system tension diagonal will give effective support to compression one at point of connections.

Pratt System

Pratt bracing system use for large deflection under heavy load and unequal shears at top of the focus stubs for design.Pratt type of bracing system is also use of bottom two or three panels and warren bracing . In this bracing system share carried by diagonal members as shown in figure.

Portal Bracing System
Portal Bracing System are widely use for bottom panel and this is one half of horizontal member. This type of portal bracing system is ideal for where the extension of transmission lines and to cross a heavy rivers.
Diamond Bracing System
Diamond type bracing system is much like waran type and the horizontal member of the tower carry no major loads designed as redundant supports.
Multiple Bracing System
Multiple bracing system is much suitable where the tower strength should increase and the member size reduce. This will also lead the increase in number of bolts, erection costs and fabrication.


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