Comprehensive Guide to Electrical Motor Rewinding Process 1

Electrical Motor Rewinding

The Electrical Motor Rewinding Process  it is very important to consider the maximum temperature at which the machine has been design to work. This temperature determines that the insulation class of the machine. For rewinding, copper conductors with enamel coating are commonly used. The type of insulator coating depending on the insulation class required. Since there are several types of electrical motors available in the industry the method which use for rewinding one type of motor is not same as others.

Electrical Motor Rewinding Procedure Steps

•    before the commencement of rewinding it is important to note the nameplate data and the connection of winding pattern of the machine. 

•    Once these details are recorded the damaged windings are carefully removed and check for the details such as no of turns per slots, the gauge of the conductor, and the type of the insulation etc,

•    According to the dimensions of the winding, using the wooden former coils is wound to required no of turns. A machine  or by using you can wind it. 

•    The slots are cleaned to remove dust and previous insulation materials. The new sets of insulating materials are placed in the slots.

•    The performed coil windings are inserted into the slots and its hold in the position by inserting timber wedges. 

•    Then according to the winding diagram required connections are soldered and all the exposed sections are insulated using suitable material such as linen tapes, cotton tapes and fibers.

•    Finally shellac varnish coating is applied and the machine is baked in an oven at specific temperature. Then the insulation and the continuity tests are done on the machine.

Rewinding electrical motor on precise proper manner is essential unless the motor will not work.

There are several types of rewinding procedures use for electrical motor rewinding process and we are plan to discuss more about them on near future.

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  • Dave Anderson

    I think that a motor rewind should be used for all used motors to know the maximum speed that they can be used at. Once you know that information, you will be able to use the motor correctly without having to worry about anything. You will also be able to know if it is approaching the maximum amount that it can be used at.