Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydro Electrical Power Stations

Hydro Electrical Power StationHydro Electrical Power Station is the type of power station which uses the potential energy of water resource to convert in to kinetic energy and then convert this kinetic energy in to electrical energy by using equipments.Normally most of hydro electrical power stations located on hilly terrain. Because it’s essential to have a potential energy of water in high level for generate power.

Construction of Hydro Electrical Power Station

Then the large water resource was building in hilly terrain by construction a dam site on based of branch of river. Then the stored water get in to fall by using head and flow then the energy of falling water convert in to mechanical energy by using the shaft of turbine.The rotating turbine of generator further converts this mechanical energy in to electrical energy. This is the way to create electrical energy by use of hydro power station.

Advantages of Hydro Electrical Power Station

  1. Most of electrical power generation methods were associated with fossil fuel which is costly source and also encourage environmental pollution. But the electricity generated by use of Water is cleaner and no smoke or ashes produce by this generation methods.
  1. By compare with other generation plants it’s much easy to maintain the operations and the constructions of Hydro Electrical Power Plants are also simple.

  2. There are no other additional cost will occur after the completion of hydro electrical plant and the water reservoir. So the power generated by this power plant can produce under constant price level.

  3. The water contain in reservoir can also use for flood control, irrigation and drinking water purposes of the area near by.

5.Since the Dam and reservoir got long life time the electricity can also generative for long time so the cost for power generation will comparatively decreased when the time move on.

  1. Starting time of these power plants are very small so the hydro electrical power stations can easily add in to electrical system instantly. If we think about steam power stations it takes long time to start.

Disadvantages of Hydro Electrical Power Station

  1. The main disadvantage associate with hydro electrical power station is high capital cost. The construction of dam and reservoir take huge cost compare with other power generation plants. The times for constructions these plants are also take longer time period also.
  1. The water contain in reservoir is mainly depend on the weather condition so the availability of water is unpredictable and the electrical generation by using this power generation is also cant predict.

  2. Since most of hydro electrical power stations were constructed at hilly terrain the power which generation on this power station needs to transmit to national network through transmission line, so the construction of this transmission line on hilly terrain also expensive compare with the transmission lines which constructed under flat terrains.

  3. Creating water reservoir and dam destroy the existing natural environment of the area so it’s also effect to bio diversity and fauna and flora also.

  4. So hope that you got some basic idea around what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Hydro Electrical Power Stations and we are plan to write more articles regarding the hydro electrical power stations in near future.

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    Easily maintaining the operations and constructions of a Hydro-Electrical power plant would be a great benefit. Keeping it in working order would be important to make sure you get the power. Getting regular maintenance and repairs done would probably help keep your Hydro-Electrical plant in good condition.


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