Basic Guide To Electrical Power Distribution Systems (Ring, Radial , Network)

Electrical Power Distribution SystemsIn Electrical power distribution systems,  there are several methods use to give suppy for consumers. These electrical connection are vital in electrical power enginering  industy. Today we are plan to discuss the electrical power sytems wich apply in electrical distribution .  Following are the most use connection system in electrical power system.

Radial Electrical Power Distribution Systems

In radial connection system there are one load point can supply electricity.  Radial feeder connect between the source and load point . The supply one or more can add in to load points between these two. Radia connection system and their feeders are very simple. Its also easy to protect and the cost of such system are low compare with other. Radial system can also subdivide into several subsystems such as.

Simple Radial system – Distribution is use at use levels. Primary service and distribution transformers are supply the power to all the feeders.

Expanded Radial System – In expanded radial system the distribution is at primary level. Its use for large loads.

Normally the radial power connection is the combination of one feeder and distributor.

Advantages of Radial power connection

  • Radial power system connection is one of the simply connection way to feed one end.
  • Initital captial cost for radial system is cheap compare with other connection systems
  • This connection system is apply for low voltage levels.
  • Radia power system are advice to put on where the stations are locate by the center of the load.

Disadvantages of Radial electrical power distribution systems

  • Radial connections are not suitable where the loads are heavily apply
  • When the load of the electrical distribution change the counsume at the distant end of the line get large voltage changes.
  • Consumer need to depend on single distributor feeder. In any case this line got break down there are no other alternative way to get supply to the consumer.

Ring Connection System

Ring connection system got two paths for the load. When one path is disconnect the load can get supply from the other paths.  the loop can operate on normally closed or normally open .  Most of these ring connection systems are operate under normally open point by using a switch. The operation of ring loop connection system is much similar of the operation of the two radial feeders.
The major advantage of the ring main power system is that the distributor can get supply rather than one feederNormally the ring main electrical sytem depend on several factors such as.
  • Maximum demand of the electrical connection
  • Ring main distributor total length
  • Voltage Reguation

Normally ring main systems are use to give electrical supply for larger area.

Network Connection System.

In network type motors the loads are interconnected and this is done in order to make the system to become more reliable. In this network type system tit provide multiple paths to the load. The connection of the network type are more expensive because it connect extensive numbers of network and wires.

We are plan to discuss further on this electrical power distribution systems one by one in our future article series.


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