Three Phase Electrical Transformer Windings and Core Types

Three Phase Electrical Transformer WindingsTransformers is one of the most important equipment in electrical power system. Electrical transfomers can classify such as Single phase transfomers and three phase transfomers. In this article we are plan to discuss on three phase transfomers. The main purpose of the electrical transformer is to step up or step down the voltages by considering electrical system in.  In previous we have discuss several important factors of electrical transformers. Normally the core and windings are immerse with oil to reduce the heat losses of the transformer. Today we are plan to talk about the three phase electrical transformer Windings and different types of it. Transformer core and winnings are consist inside of the transformer. 

Transformer Core Types

Transformer core is use to transfer magnetic flux in primary winding into secondary winding . The core of transformer consist thing highly permeable material. According the construction of the core of transformer it can broadly classified as core type and shell type. Following are some basic informations on this core types of electrical transformers. 

Core type

In core type of transformer the windings are connect in the core. The construction of core type transformers can sub divied as

  • single phase core type transfomer
  • three phase core type transformers

This transformer is normally cheap because of its construction features. 

Shell type

In shell type transformer the core surround by the windings. According to the construction feature this of Shell type transformers can further divide.
  • single phase shell type transformer
  • three-phase shell type transformers.
Core type transformer construction is cheap compare with shell type of transformer construction. But due to higher power rating and voltage application, it’s better to use shell type transformers . The performance of the shell type are consider more better than core type transformers.

Three Phase Electrical Transformer Windings

The purpose of electrical transformer is to convert the one voltage level in to another . Transformer windings are the heart of the transformer. There are different type of three-phase winding types are use such as followings.

Helical type winding

Helical type winding are the most commonly use winding methods for transformers. These winding method are much used for low voltage transformers. Since large current requires large cross-section area due to that the eddy current loss is become high.

Crossover Three Phase Electrical Transformer Windings

Crossover type winding are used for high voltage applications. In this type of winding series of windings are connected.

Disk Type Windings

Disk of winding are connected on spiral conductor on same plane. such alternating discs are connected in series by using inner and outer crossovers

Sandwich Windings

Sandwich winds are use very unique configuration. this type of winding the high voltage windings and low voltage winds are sat in the same magnetic access. Each high voltage units lies between two low voltage units. Due to this configuration the leakage flux is reduce great level
Hope that now you have got some clear idea on types of three-phase electrical transformer windings and its core types. In future we are plan to discuss these types of core and windings of three-phase transformers under separate articles

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