Differetnt Types of Synchronous Motors Use Widely in Electrical Industry

Types of Synchronous MotorsIn our previous article, we have discussed a lot regarding the Synchronous motor uses its applications and lot of details about it. Today we are the plan to discuss what are the types of synchronous motors which use in the electrical engineering industry. The stator is the stationary part of the motor which also consists core and slots which hold the armature windings. The principal behind this two rotor type of motor is also common for the synchronous generator also.  But according to the rotor construction synchronous motor can basically classify into two main section such as followings.

Main Types of synchronous motors

  1. Cylindrical Rotor Synchronous Machine
  2.  Salient Pole Rotor Synchronous Machine

Cylindrical rotor Synchronous Machine

The cylindrical rotor has the relatively shorter diameter and longer axial length. Salient Pole rotor has a large diameter and high a lower axial length.  Compare to Salient pole type this cylindrical type got smooth solid steel which shape of the cylinder. the slots of this rotor are cover at a top with steel.

The pole shoes of salient pole rotor are with a phase winding to produce damping effect on large differences. The similar winding is not found in the cylindrical rotor and the require damping effect is produced by the induced eddy current in the salient rotor.

Cylindrical Roter types of the synchronous motor are mechanically robust and use for high-speed alternators. The construction of this motor is got the small diameter and also obtain large axial length. unlike salient pole motor, the air gap is uniformly distributed along the cylindrical periphery.

Salient Pole Rotor Synchronous Machine

Salient Pole Rotor types of synchronous motor especially which is salient pole rotor generators are used for low-speed turbine operations such as Hydro turbines and diesel engines. Salient Pole type rotor machine is also called as projected pole type motor. Normally the poles are constructed with thicker steel laminations.

Both type same good in all aspects through salient pole type synchronous machines got additional features such as higher stability and extra power. Stator construction of both types of synchronous motors is much similar.

An air gap is not uniformly distributed and its mechanically weak. Normally this salient pole synchronous motors are used widely for low-speed alternators for example in hydropower stations these salient pole motors are used widely.

If we consider about the construction of this salient pole motor the diameter is high and the axial length is comparatively low.


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