Safty Clearance for Power Transmission Lines

Right of Way

Safty clearance for power transmission

Right ow way is one of the important safety clearance in Transmission line and this will mention the line clearance for the ground.Safety clearance is one of the important factor construction of electrical power transmission line.  If transmission line falls to ground what would be the maximum clearance to the ground is address in right of way in transmission line. The following are mentioned the right of way for different voltage level transmission lines.

ROW Width for 132 kV Transmission Line = 27 m
ROW Width for 220 kV Transmission Line = 35 m
ROW Width for 400 kV Transmission Line = 52 m
ROW Width for 765 kV Transmission Line = 85 m

Span of Transmission Line

The Span of transmission line is also do major part to have a better safety clearance for power transmission line and there are several design span lengths of Transmission line calculations. The most commonly used design span lengths are

Basic or Normal Span
Rulling or equivalent span
Average Span
Wind span
Weight Span

Basic Span 

Basic Span is much economical span and in here the line is designed over leveled ground. The required ground clearance is taking at maximum temperature.

Ruling or Equivalent Span

Ruling span use as a design span between the dead ends of power transmission line. This also use to calculate the  component of tension and tower spot on the profile is done by means of sag template.



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