Power Transmission System

Skin Effect of Power Transmission Line


Skin effect of power line is one of the losses in power network of the country and this is also an unwanted component for system stability. Skin effect is one of the major The basic definition for skin effect of power line is the unequal distribution of current in cross section of conductor of power line. The effects of skin effects get higher where the length of power line increases.



The main reason for skin effect of transmission power line is the resistance of the power line conductor is getting higher for higher frequency.Shape of conductor, Type of materials use for conductor, operational frequency of the conductor and diameter of conductor are key factors which affect for skin effect in power transmission line.

System which skin effect got involve with

AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct current) are the major power system in electrical industry. Alternating current power system is the most used electrical power system in the world due to its advantages over DC system. Unfortunately Skin effect is only arise in AC power system.

Factors got effect with this Skin Effect

There are several factor’s which affects for this skin effects in electrical power lines such as the conductor shape, material use for conductor, Power line conductor diameter and system frequency.

What will Happens When Skin Effect Perform in Transmission Lines

due to the result of this effect the useful electrical resistant of the conduct get increase and that will cause a energy loss in transmission lines. skin effect in transmission lines also cause a energy loss in power industry.

apart of increasing the effective resistance of the power line this also cause to increase the frequency level too. Due the this high frequency level the skin depth of certain power line conductor getting smaller.






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