Advantage of LNG Power Plant Over Coal Power Plant

LNG Power PlantIn most countries LNG Power Plant use to implement as an alternative of coal power plant because of the advantage of LNG as fuel. Coal has been identifying one of the cheapest power generation medium all over the world for so many years.  But coal also associated with serious environmental problems the environment problems associate with this coal and its emissions can create long-term environment problems. So most of the countries now identified the related problems and now they are consider environmental friendly solution to generate electricity.

Most of coals are also contain toxic heavy metals which are really harmful for ground water and some of the coals also contain radioactive substances which are extremely dangerous for environment.  Fly ash which emitted as by-product of coal power generation also contains radioactive materials and this kind of waste are really hazard to our environment.

If we consider Coal power generation , it release so many harmful gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides which are really harmful for our atmosphere.

Compare with the emission of carbon dioxide of Natural Gas are far less compare with the coal emission of carbon dioxide. Since Carbon dioxide consider as one of the most harmful gases which directly affect to green house effects which directly involve to increase global warming.

Certified Emission Reduction under clean development mechanism is also a mechanism which defined by the Kyoto Protocol to reduce the carbon emulsion . By using Liquid Natural Gases type of power energy resource for alternative to Coal power this can able to reduce the carbon emission in heavily.

Comparing coals power and LNG Power Plant , Coal power is much cheap compare with LNG but the environmental issues related to Coal power generations are serious. LNG is also cheap compare with oil and also environmental friendly with compare to Oil and coal.

Coal power generation method emit lots of waste product to environment which some of them are extremely harmful. If we consider about Natural gas there are no solid or liquid form of byproduct waste generated thorough this power generation method.  Since the waste product of coals also create another problem such as waste disposal problems which contain harmful materials inside it.

Apart of mentioned harmful gas substances ,coal plants are also emits other  gas state harmful substances such as mercury , arsenic and selenium which directly got involvement in acid rains which can really harmful for everyone in the arid rain area.

Coal is hidden inside earth and sometimes deep extraction and mining work is necessary to get coal out of it. Countries where coal available gets mining destruction which mainly affect the people who live in those areas. Natural gases are also get out from our earth but most of them are available in sea and the mining work which need to create on Natural gas are negligible compare with the extraction and mining work of coal.

Due to the mentioned reasons LNG Power Plant are now much popular and also use as alternative for traditional coal power plants.

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