Top Features of Liquefied Natural Gas Power Generation

Liquefied Natural GasLiquefied Natural Gas is one of the medium which widely use for power generation in modern day due to its unique benefits over other power generations medium. Natural Gas is compress and cooled to get liquefaction and these liquid forms of Natural gas are known as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is also gaining its popularity rapidly due to so many unique features and benefits not only in electrical power generation, transport industry too.

The main purpose of liquefactions of Natural gases is its easy to store and transport in liquid form rather than gas form. In liquid form the volume get shrink 1/600 percent.

Comparing coals power and Liquid Natural Gas power generation, Coal power is much cheap compare with LNG but the environmental issues related to Coal power generations are serious. LNG is also cheap compare with oil and also environmental friendly with compare to Oil and coal.

As environmental friendly gas

LNG is a form of fossil fuel which mainly consist Methane and other percentages of other hydrocarbons. Compare with other hydrocarbon fuels, Liquid Natural Gas are the environmentally friendly and clean energy. Unlike oil and coal burn, natural gas prunes with releasing very less amount any other harmful gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Sulpher Dioxide.

If we consider Coal power generation , it release so many harmful gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides which are really harmful for our atmosphere, Carbon Dioxide consider as green house gases which is one of the leading gases of green house effects which enhance the temperature of our world.

Unlike Coal and Oil or other alternative power generations methods, most of Natural Gases do not polluted ground water or soil.

Disadvantages of  Liquefied Natural Gas

The main disadvantage of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is its cost and if the gas leak out this can be disaster situation because Natural gases are got high tendency to get fire and explosion. Natural gases are also extremely toxic so its also dangerous to inhale these type of gases.

Due to environmental friendliness natural gases are emerge as optimum solution for modern day power generation.

Creating basic infrastructure for LNG power plant is really expensive, there are highly protective special pipelines, storage tanks need to fix under heavy protection.

Natural Gas is not an alternative energy and it’s a finite resource, so there is a risk of price and availability problems for this kind of power generation in long term.

Even natural gases got its unique disadvantages most of countries are going to these kind of Natural Gases for generate electricity due to its unique features which we mentioned above.

Most of countries all over the world are converting in to highly polluted coal power generation method to  Liquefied Natural Gas Method due to this reason.

Development of  Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) power stations are now getting much popular due to its unique advantages and we are plan to discuss more and more feature of  Liquefied Natural Gas power plants and its benefits in near future.

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