Direct Current Motor Speed Control Methods and Techniques

direct current motor speed controlDirect current motor speed control is vital when consider on industrial applications.  There are different types of DC motors available in electrical engineering industries . The speed controlling methods of one type of direct current motor is different one by another. Speed of direct current motors are directly proportional to the back emf generat. The speed controlling of DC motors are basically done by manually or by using automatic controlling device. By comparing with other types of motors the speed controlling of DC motor is quite easy. Due to this unique features these kind of DC motors are widely used in modern-day.

Direct current motor speed control methods can mainly categorised into following two methods . 

  • Armature speed controlling methods of DC Motor
  • Field speed controlling methods of DC Motor

In previous article we have discussed further about the types of DC motors used. In all the mentioned motor types, DC series motors and DC shunt motors are much popular in industrial applications.

Direct Current Motor Speed Control Methods (Series Motors)

According to different type of DC motors the various speed controlling methods are use such as followings.

Armature Speed Controlling Method

There are several methods can use to control speed of DC series motor by armature speed controlling methods such as following.

  1. Armature resistance controlling method
  2. Shunt armature speed controlling method
  3. Armature voltage controlling method

Field Speed Controlling Method

  1. Field diverter method
  2. Tapped field controlling method


DC Shunt Motor Speed Controlling Methods

Armature Speed Controlling Methods of DC Shunt Motor

  1. Armature resistance controlling Method (In here there is lot of power get loss due to the controller resistance. The speed regulation of this method are not quite good compare with other methods. )
  2. Armature voltage controlling Method 

Field Speed Controlling Methods of DC Shunt Motor

  1. Rheostat field controlling Method
  1. Field voltage controlling method

Voltage Controlling methods of DC shunt motor further sub divided into following speed controlling methods such as

  1. i) Multiple voltage controlling method (In here the shunt field winding of the direct current motor is connect across different voltage levels through a switch gear. )
  2. ii) Ward-Leonard system speed controlling method
  1. Flux control method

Hope that you have got some basic understanding on direct current motor speed control methods . different types of methods are used to speed controlling of direct current motors in different types. We are planing to discuss further on these speed control methods one by one in our future articles separately.  

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