Types of Transmission Tower Bracing

Bracing s are use to interconnect the legs of transmission lines and framing angel of bracing and main leg of transmission towers should not exceed more than 15 degrees.Members of transmission towers are designed to compression and tension loads. Following are various patterns were use for bracing in Transmission towers. Portal System Pratt System Diamond Bracing Double web system Warren system Single web system Multiple BracingSingle web Bracing System In this single web bracing system the...

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Types of Conductors use for Transmission Line

In over head power transmission lines suspend by towers and in this type of situation the bare conductor on the transmission line is generally made out by using Aluminium materials. There are various types of conductors which are use transmission line. The most common conductors which use transmission line are Aluminum Alloy Conductors. There are various types of sub conductors which use for Aluminum Alloy Conductors are AAAC-HS, AACSR, ABB and ACAR. These types of conductors are use for...

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Main Components of Transmission Tower

The main supporting of the high voltage transmission line is transmission tower.The components of transmission line got own respective electrical and mechanical characteristic.Transmission tower is consist of the following components.Cage of Transmission Tower Boom of Transmission Tower Body of Tower Cross Arm of of Transmission Tower Peak of of Transmission TowerThe Cage  The area between tower body and peak is known as the cage of the Transmission Tower.The main vertical section of any...

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