Things You Need to Know About Three Phase Induction Motors

Squirrel cage motors are the most commonly used type motors and those motor has get their name from the appearance of rotors. Being rugged and requiring neither a separate DC power source nor slip-rings. They are essentially constant speed devices when energized by a constant frequency AC supply, however electronic speed control is available. Over 90% of all motors are AC Three Phase Induction Motors in the world.Operation of Induction motorsWhen Three Phase Induction Motors starter winding...

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Power Transmission System

How to Manage Right of Way in Power Transmission Line

 The Right of Way in transmission line defined as land set two path of the center of transmission line.  Right of Way also name as transmission corridor and this corridor maintain from private or government authorities who do the maintenance works.  Safety is one of the essential factor of transmission line and ROW provide necessary landscape arrangement.   There are several voltage levels of the lines maintained and the width of transmission line corridor (ROW) changes due to the...

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High Voltage Power Transmission Line Insulators and their Types

The main concept of any insulator is to breakdown electrical conductivity of high voltage power transmission or distribution line form transmission or distribution tower. Insulators are main component of Transmission Line and there are major three types of insulators use for overhead insulator such as.Pin Insulator Suspension Insulator Strain InsulatorPin Insulators Pin Insulator is widely use for overhead high voltage power transmission lines and these types of insulators much popular in...

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Safty Clearance for Power Transmission Lines

Right of WayRight ow way is one of the important safety clearance in Transmission line and this will mention the line clearance for the ground.Safety clearance is one of the important factor construction of electrical power transmission line.  If transmission line falls to ground what would be the maximum clearance to the ground is address in right of way in transmission line. The following are mentioned the right of way for different voltage level transmission lines. ROW Width for 132 kV...

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Power Transmission Tower Extensions

Power transmission line traverse in various geographical areas and the ground level is not uniform everywhere. So body extension and leg extensions will provide great strength to the transmission tower to hold the load which applies to power transmission tower. Body Extensions Body extension is use for increase the tower height and this will also obtain the required minimum ground clearance. These types of body extensions are widely used for road crossings, river crossing and where ground...

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Types of Transmission Tower Bracing

Bracing s are use to interconnect the legs of transmission lines and framing angel of bracing and main leg of transmission towers should not exceed more than 15 degrees.Members of transmission towers are designed to compression and tension loads. Following are various patterns were use for bracing in Transmission towers. Portal System Pratt System Diamond Bracing Double web system Warren system Single web system Multiple BracingSingle web Bracing System In this single web bracing system the...

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Types of Conductors use for Transmission Line

In over head power transmission lines suspend by towers and in this type of situation the bare conductor on the transmission line is generally made out by using Aluminium materials. There are various types of conductors which are use transmission line. The most common conductors which use transmission line are Aluminum Alloy Conductors. There are various types of sub conductors which use for Aluminum Alloy Conductors are AAAC-HS, AACSR, ABB and ACAR. These types of conductors are use for...

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