What is Wireless Power Transmission and Why Its Important

Wireless Power Transmission

The conventional energy is normally transfer through wires and conductors. But in this wireless power transmissions the energy from one place to another transfer without using any wires. This transmission methodology process through various technologies. Implementation of such technology create a lot of advantages and The large-scale application of this technology is still under reasearch stage.

History of Wireless Power transmission

Nikolas Tesla is one of the well-known scientist who discover some major invention related to power industry. Discovery of the alternative current is one of the great invention which he done. Today we are almost use alternative current electricity due to the invention of this person. He was also dream to transmit electricity around the world without wireless.

This technology also know as wireless electricity. In 1899 he also built experimental tower on pike peak in Colorado spring to study this wireless power technology.

His dream is by using A tuned receiver and ground to transmit free electrical power on any device from any place on this world. on his experiment tower he is able to create a lightning bolt over 100 feet long at the tension of 5 million volts. He also proves the feasibility of this wireless power transmission technology.

In later year this scientist created a model device in Shoreham New York to create actual power transmission through wireless media. But unfortunately he unable to complete the project due to lack of finance on this project. This device is so-called by the name of Magnifying transmitter.  


Methods of Wireless Power Transmission

Normally this energy transfer done by magnetic coupling and inductive coupling. This wireless energy coupling technology is widely use in electrical transformer. There are several wireless power transmission technologies apply such as. Near field techniques and far field techniques. following are several wireless power transmission techniques.

Inductive coupling
resonate Inductive Coupling
Air Ionization
Microwave power transmission
Laser Power transmission.

Advantages of Wireless Power transmission

One of the main advantage of power transmission through wireless is , by applying this technology we can reduce the energy loss. and no infrastructure is required such as transmission towers, Distributions systems.

The main disadvantage if wireless transmission is there are high frequency signals must be supply and the initial cost for such systems is high.

When this technology develop you can charge your cell phones and other electronic devices without being plugged in. The use and advantage of this wireless technology got huge potential and demand on today. We are plan to discuss more details on this wireless power transmission in our future articles.



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