Why Surge Arresters For Transformer Protection Is Very Important

surge arresters for transformer

One of the main objective of surge arrester for transformer protection from over voltage transients. Surge arrester for transformer protection are widely used to protect the system on lightning conditions.

Principal Behind Lighting arresters

The basic principle behind the lighting arrester or surge arrester is nothing but a spar air gap with onside connect to the transformer and other side connected to the earth. When lightening it occupies the current which discharge through a lighting arrester. So surge currents are released into the grounding terminal.

Effect of Lightning and Surge Protection

Lightning is an instant electro static discharge between could . When the lightning strike in transmission line or place near it will generate large voltage. The lightning arrester is also used as protective shield against the surge of the lightning also .

For different voltage level different types of lighting arrester are use . Lightning arrester are normally much popular in telecommunication and power protection system to protect the conductor and insulation also.

Types of surge arrester for transformer

surge arrester for transformer  are the common name which use to protect surge from the lightning. application of Surge protector is the absorb the high power before transfer to the ground.There are several types of lighting arrester available in the industry such as.

  • Valve type secondary arrester ( Used for medium voltage equipment)
  • Valve type distribution arrester (Use for protection of substation equipment)
  • Valve type line arrester ( valve type line arrester are used for protect the equipment in the range of 66Kv to 220kV voltage levels)
  • Valve type station arrester ( These lighting arrester are used to generating power stations where the voltage level is between 220 kV to 765 kV)

Types of Lightning arrestees

Metal Oxide and varistors type arrests are the two main types of surge arrester which use in electrical industry.

Normally metal oxide arrester are much popular and this also provide great over voltage protection for electrical transformer which is connected to the power system.

Where  This surge arrester Use

Main purpose of the lightning arrester is the current form the surge is diverted around the protect insulation to earth.  Lighting arrester are also known as surge arrester in electrical engineering. Apart from protect high voltage transmission lines, theses arrester are sue to protect electrical equipments from lightning and surges.

High voltage occurs due to lightning create insulation failure in transformers and other electrical devices in transmission system.Hope that you have gain some basic knowledge about the principles of lighting arrester.


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